jueves, 11 de septiembre de 2014

prominent position in Jax Teller's gear on the TV show Sons of Anarchy

The original Ka-Bar USMC Knife is a legendary tool and weapon, crafted to withstand years of the most extreme abuse possible. Ka-Bar is still manufacturing almost the very same knife today, with minimal changes being made to improve upon the design. There are literally hundreds of videos on youtube showing how much abuse this knife can take, as well as a prominent position in Jax Teller's gear on the TV show Sons of Anarchy.

The Ka-Bar USMC Knife comes in a high quality black cardboard box with a leather sheath. Both the Knife and the Sheath feature USMC stamped onto them, the knife has it stamped at the base on the right-hand side of the blade. "Ka-Bar" and "Olean. N.Y." are stamped opposite of the USMC lettering on the blade. The sheath has "Ka-Bar" near the top, and "USMC" near the middle, with the United States Marine Corps logo stamped in between the two. All of the stamping & logos are high quality markings not lacking any details.

From the factory, the sheath is a bit lighter than the stacked leather handle of the knife, but a coat or two of Mink Oil on the sheath makes the two match in color almost identically. The knife itself is very high quality in both material and workmanship, though on mine I think a little more time could have been spent on making the guard and tang meet seamlessly. That isn't really a deal-breaker though, just an extremely small detail that I happened to notice. Out of the box, the blade was one of the sharpest I've ever had out of the 40 or so knives I've bought in the last few years. In fact, the sharpness of the Ka-Bar USMC Knife was right up there with the knives I have sharpened using my custom sharpening system, the edge was just slightly less polished.

Though I haven't had a chance to give the Ka-Bar USMC knife a field test yet, I imagine it will perform any task I can throw at it admirably. This is a high-quality knife that I have no regrets about spending $60 on.